Slush Hog Ice Skimmer

Scoop Color: Yellow
Scoop Size: 3.5 Inch
Sale price$29.99


How many times have you tried clearing slush only to have your ice skimmer leave a ton behind!? Introducing the Slush Hog.

Our Slush Hog Ice Skimmer is designed to stand up to the pressures of ice fishing, not cave under them, making it 10 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than traditional ice scoops. We’ve constructed our product with rigid ASA plastic that can handle high-impact and cold conditions. That means it won’t bend or snap when lifting slush out of the water—leaving you with more time to spend fishing and less time fussing.

The Slush Hog has a foldable bottom plate that effortlessly penetrates through water and slush as you submerge it. Once you begin pulling your handle back up, the scoop automatically opens to catch slush and remove it quickly and easily. Perfect for traveling, our unique telescopic handle extends to fit your needs and is easily collapsible when not in use or taking it on the go.

    Scoop diameter options:
     • 5.5in for a 6in auger
     • 7.5in for an 8in auger
     • 9.5in for a 10in auger
     • 11.5in for a 12in auger
-Can handle extreme elements
-Telescoping handle extends from 17” to 35”
-Foldable scoop for easy slush removal
-Strong plastic composition
-Made in the USA
-Veteran owned and operated

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jerry V
GREAT skimmer

I have several medical issues I suffer from and this is a life saver. Works great and I don't have to bend over and irritate my back and hips. Im glad I ordered it and I highly recommend it.

Mike Yu
Slush Hog Ice Skimmer

The products is awesome one scoop and 99% clean up all the ice on 10” holes. Can’t beat this. Well recommended to anyone out there. The only problem with the customer service. Send email to them. Never reply and never updated the shipping. Very bad customer service.


From doing some research and looking for something that will work for my needs out on the ice. I just lucked into finding a “Veteran Owned Company” who had created an excellent product.
After receiving it, I did a fustians check to see how durable it would be. The 2 movable skimmer/stainable halfs moved with ease. Having 2 each extendable shafts on this piece of equipment is a game changer. Now folks in different regions can feel safe by purchasing this “SLUSH HOG” due it its extended reach. It’s way longer than your average stock spoon.
I even got to take it out on the ice to test it. It for down the holes drilled by a 6 inch Eskimo pistol bit!
Great job out to all the folks at APEX Fishing!!

Chris mccully
“Slush Hog” clears ice

Had to try out the Apex fishing Slush Hog. love the idea of it. It came super quick and is much more sturdy than expected. The double Extendable ALUMINUM pole with nice comfortable grip is excellent. The 5.5" slush hog fits perfect in my Eskimo Pistol Bit 6'" hole. One quick down and out and you're fishing. I couldn't be more excited about this new product, will definitely try more things from APEX.


The Slush Hog Ice Skimmer is flat out the best ice skimmer on the market. Your able to remove more ice and slush than using a normal metal ice skimmer. The extended handle allows a person to have not to bend over more than they have too. The variety of sizes are the first on the market. I haven’t seen any ice skimmer on the market as the Slush Hog Ice Skimmer. Apex is a reliable company, they take care of their customers, and communicate with their customers.

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